Friday, 27 April 2007

Nick Scott

Nick Scott is having two new pieces done in Plug this year My Parrot Shaped Nightmare and Tok. Yesterday he gave a talk to the rest of the composers in the department on his work. I arrived late, unfortunately, so missed some of it, but did hear a couple of attractive pieces, including a piece for meantone-tuned harpsichord so new it doesn't even have a title yet!

Some of Nick's musical preoccupations are not mine, I think, particularly perhaps in terms of harmony, and a couple of the pieces he played were very slow-moving for my taste. Still, curious to hear the large-scale Tok on Friday; I like big pieces.


Ol1 said...

Really liked Nick's piece in rehearsal and in the composer talk he gave the other day.

Great big monolith of a piece.

I like.

Looking forward to hearing it live...

Anonymous said...

The harpsichord piece, since Simon mentions it specifically, is up on my website, but doesn't have a page yet (still don't have a title...) but the URL is