Monday, 30 April 2007

Notation competition

I got an idea! Just for fun, while we're waiting for the festival to start, let's have a notation competition. Send me the best, whackiest piece of music notation you've ever come up with. To give you some ideas, here's one of mine from a few years back;

Then there's the famous bar of 16/12 from Colin Broom's Invention Ensemble days;

Send my your notated extract, in any format within reason, and I'll post it on the blog. There is a very special prize for the winner; a genuine original copy of the Ladybird 'Lives of the Great Composers, Book 2', original price 24p.


Anonymous said...

Howdy Simon, was wondering if you could upload the tempo instruction from my new piece for double bass and piano. I'd do it myself, except a) my modem's buggered, and b) I'm too lazy.

Paddy Johnson