Monday, 7 May 2007

Money where mouth is

To wind up, I should explain why there hasn't been any of my music in Plug this year. I've taken a self-enforced break from putting notes on paper to work towards the piece I want to do at next year's Plug in May 2008. What else does a composer do, other than put notes on paper?

Well, I've been trying to persuade the powers that be that I need to use a drama space for this piece, specifically the Chandler Studio Theatre, rather than a concert hall. Then, I've been trying to put in place eight musicians who are prepared to give (and whose teacher's are prepared to allow them to give!) much more time to devising and rehearsing the piece than would be usual within the world of classical music, although not an unusual schedule in the world of theatre. I need costume, lighting, video and stage management, and I'm looking for a theatrical collaborator to help me through the project.

From previous experience I know that the minute I'd accepted any of the tempting writing opportunities which presented theselves this year I'd be off in the garret and scribbling, with no time to pursue any of the above. As it is, I'm still trying to put many elements of this project into place. If anyone reading this is intrigued and thinks they might want to take part in some capacity, the project outline as it currently stands is at - drop me a line if you're interested.


Joel Harding said...

I love that video. Brilliant.
You should get a job in radio 3. You could probably do radio 4 thought for the day too. It had more meaning in it than TFTD usually does.