Thursday, 3 May 2007

Notation competion entry

Ok, an entry for the notation competition has flooded in from Joel Harding;

… click on the image to enlarge. I'm going to temporarily disallow this entry for two reasons; first it's actually three entries, and second I was looking for notation extracts from real works rather than artificialities. But, if nobody comes forward with owt else, it's Ladybirds all the way down for Joel.


Joel Harding said...

The Rant starteth:
I, the undersigned, hereby do state that my entry should not be disqualified on the grounds of not being real music. It is art, and as soon as the idea sprung into my head, it became a valid musical expression of my artistic status, and I therefore demand that it be respected as such.
Thanks a lot,

J. Simon van der Walt said...

Ok, alright, you're back in the running :)

Joel Harding said...

Wow, i didn't even convince myself with that spiel of nonsense that I came out with.